Feedback: On Scrapbooking

Here’s another comment from my friend, Lani:

You know what D, I also want to start scrapbooking (digital or manual). I actually joined a digital scrapbooking e-group but unfortunately I wasn’t able to download those free templates offered by some of my co-members.

This December I plan to start my (manual)scrapbooking.

Happy scrapbooking, sweetie and please give me naman some tips on scrapbooking (hehehe).

Lani, the idea has got me hooked.  I spend most of my free time browsing through scrapbooking sites to get ideas and to surf sites offering free resources.  Being crafty, I also have stocks of notions and odds and ends I’m trying to use for my first project.

Although I had initially thought I would get away with not using scrapbooking paper and downloading scrapbook printables and piecing together available patterns into the 12×12 sheets I need, I think you have to be ready to spend for the basic paper stock as well.  (I already succumbed and bought a bunch although I continue to piece together patterned sheets.  They can be expensive here at anywhere from $.30 to $.99 per sheet!  Basic cardstock though is like construction paper but selling for something like $5.00 for 20 sheets, depending on the type/color.)  The key is choosing your color scheme.  I’m going more for the darker shades of the primary colors, with a mix of beige and other earth tones.

Here are some free scrapbooking sites.  You will have to be ready to print when you go to them, though, because they are mostly non-savable (sp?) resources.

One site that will allow you to save your background packages is .  You will need to download the Efax Viewer which isn’t really a hassle, and you can have a pick of quite a selection of backgrounds from the tartan patterns I wrote about to floral prints including etoile, and paper textures.

Hewlett Packard has it’s own Activity Center which will allow you to print various projects from scrapbooks to cards and picture frames, but it will not allow you to save.

You won’t believe the various scrapbooking sites devoted to the hobby and you can get a ton of ideas from them.  Good luck and keep sharing!