Champorado on a Saturday afternoon

I have some leftover malagkit here from an attempt to make some biko ages ago.  (I can’t even remember when..)  Mom had bought a tub of Hershey’s Cocoa even before she left in April this year to return to Manila with the idea to make me some champorado.  Well, we finally had champorado this afternoon and all I can say is it’s soooo yummy!

I grew up in a household where we had good champorado, ginataang mais, ginataang halohalo, pancit, and all the good stuff merienda is made of.  Mom even made maja blanca before, I used to make palitaw, and we always had access to the goodies from sapin-sapin to the mango cream pie of Red Ribbon Bakeshop.

I was trying to make Angel taste the champorado, but he’s been torn between lying down to nap (which he hasn’t done yet), and playing around now that everyone is just lounging around here at home.

These are the foods that I want my son to grow up with … even if the champorado means the pre-packaged boxed champorado.  And there’s always biko, cassava cake and suman from the Filipino stores.