Too short a long weekend

The sun is almost completely down even though it’s just 13 minutes past 4 in the afternoon.  Such are our late afternoons here in the winter in New York where we see the night sky as early as 5PM.  It’s not that unbearably cold outside.  Alan and I went out to pick up lunch and get the panoramic pictures I had taken in Paris.  I don’t know if it was just the atmosphere then which was mostly muggy and cloudy (it was, after all, end February) — or because the photo lab technician tried to improve the pictures, but they came out with a brownish hue which accentuated the old architecture of the Louvre and the copperish steel color of the Eiffel tower.  So I’m not complaining.

My scrapbook?  I’m getting along, and will be putting together the photos for the first part which makes up the first day I explored Paris on my own.  (Alan was still in meetings..)  Meanwhile, the weekend has ended.  Four days — can I have four more?

It’s going to be a hectic next few days as deadlines are here.  I am also trying to clean up all my loose ends with the old job.  We would’ve wanted to get into the holiday mode here at home but we weren’t able to get the new vertical blinds (although we made it as far as the blinds store — if only the line wasn’t THAT long!), and neither were we able to decorate the house.  I might yet fiddle with my parol tonight and get it working, but I need to work on a third of the lamps which don’t flicker anymore.  I bought this kapampangan parol back when I went home in 2002 and every year, it is the landmark sign of our unit when we invite friends over because we are the only ones who have it.

If I can pull it off, I will make small white parols to hang from the windows facing the courtyard.  That should take a day to make, then I need to figure out how to light them.  Alan leaves for a business trip next Saturday, but with or without our christmas tree, I will start decorating.

We were all getting dressed to take a drive to nowhere in particular as a family when Angel started acting up and sure enough, it was because he was sleepy.  The boy is snoring away on his roll away sofa in the living room.  There goes our drive.  He’s been a doll, but as I told a cousin, he looks like a two year old and is starting to act like one.. !  (Remember those terrible twos??!!!)

Too short a weekend, indeed.  The next holiday will be the day after Christmas which is a month away, then the day after New Year.  (Both days fall on a Sunday this year..)  We’re not going anywhere.. it’s always nice to just “chill” here in the house.

I did get to accomplish a few things this long weekend besides get some major rest.  I found my cross stitch thread guide for the tapestry of Our Lady of Perpetual Help I’ve been working on for over a year now.  While I cannot get to that until the coming weekend, it’s heartening to think that I will finally be able to finish the project and hopefully get that framed and hung on our common hallway between the bedrooms before the New Year.

It’s been a good weekend.. we didn’t do any Christmas shopping but we’ve started thinking about it.  We’ll just take a day off sometime middle of the month to do it all in one day, instead of stressing with the rest of mankind in the malls this Thanksgiving weekend.  We chose to stay home and give thanks for the blessing of our family — and give thanks indeed, we did.