Craft Report: Found my cross stitch thread guide

I have a cross stitch project I have been working on for the last year and a half.. it has lain untouched in the bedroom the past couple of months because I misplaced my threadguide.  The cross stitch pattern was there, but I had lost the thread guide to help me with which thread to use.  I was working off of a color photocopy of the original pattern which I couldn’t find either.

Yesterday I spent a few minutes up in the attic looking for the photo print outs of my Paris trip for the scrapbook when lo and behold, there it was, not even tucked beneath other things but just inside a suitcase containing some of my things — the original of the pattern I needed.

I haven’t gotten back to work just yet, but I definitely intend to finish this before the year is out.  If I can have it framed before the new year, it will be perfect.  Finally finishing it!