Trying to stay positive

I had started typing a post yesterday which looking at it now, is way too negative it convinced me it was not worth giving vent to in my blog.  So instead of going back to finish what is a good sized posting, I have decided to delete it and try to stay positive instead.

It seems that besides praying, staying positive is just about the best I can do.  I’m settling down to my new job, but still tying up some last loose ends.  I finally submitted something to the system and I’ve washed my hands of it.  It was not easy bouncing it around the past couple of months but now it’s done!  Feeling ko nabunutan ako ng tinik sa dibdib.  (I am tempted to translate but I think it’s not going to come out coherent.. LOL)

As I said, one of those things that I just need to get off my plate.  It can get stressful doing things you want so desperately to get away from, but they’re done.  Finally..