I love my Mom

Now that I’m a mother myself, I feel even closer to my Mom who is with me again for at least another 5 months before she has to return to Manila.  We have always been close although I am really a Daddy’s Girl. 

Seeing her taking care of my son with such love is something I cherish.

My mom is a woman of courage and ambition.  Although she came from humble beginnings, she made sure her children got the best education possible given our means.  She always encouraged us to better ourselves by giving us the chance to enroll in dance and music school, and moderated but not restricted our extra curricular activities.  She was always supportive and applauding us from the sidelines.

I know that she is here because of me and more importantly, Angel.  That is a big sacrifice on her part but one she is doing out of love.  Love that only a mother truly knows.  I am so lucky that she has been a guiding light in my life — even if in my earlier years she had to work hard to give us a good life.  Motherhood now is something that comes second nature to me because I learned firsthand from an expert at it — my own Mom.


0 thoughts on “I love my Mom

  1. Tintin

    hi pinay! i can totally relate to this post. being the eldest and the daddy’s girl in the family, i was constantly in conflict with my mom about anything and everything while i was growing up. but when i had my first child, we started to become closer. i guess there’s something about having your own child that makes you see from your mom’s perspective, and now you understand why she had to be strict with you and everything. im just sad now that she’s sick (she had a stroke about 4 months ago) and she can’t speak yet. sometimes i just totally miss our conversations because i used to consult everything with her. i miss the wisdom of my mom. so consider yourself blessed that you still have your mom with you and that she is there to help you raise your child. god bless you and your mom! 🙂


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