Feedback: On Going Home come 2006

Over the weekend, my webfriend Lani wrote:

Dinna, it’s also cold here in Pinas and sarap matulog. I’m happy na may bagong boss ka na.

Paris can wait but you must see your dad first. Super miss ka na noon at katuwa magkikita na ang mag-lolo.

Take care!

I’ll say it again.. one of the rewards of blogging has been coming across kindred spirits like Lani here.  (We have an off-and-on web conversation going..)

You’re so right in saying Paris can wait, Lani.  So in the meantime, I’m just immersing myself in creating my Paris scrapbook, which in a sense is a vicarious vacation or return to Paris as I discovered it this year.  Besides, if I’m lucky, I might yet get to go back sometime towards the latter part of next year.  Just that January is totally out now.

I really don’t mind.  While Alan and I haven’t quite decided yet on the exact time frame of our homecoming, I’m already in the pasalubong mode, thinking of how I will start stashing pasalubong to bring home.  The last time I went home in December 2002, I started buying as early as October.  I have quite a headstart now since the earliest we would be able to do it is late April, possibly hitting Angel’s second birthday on May 8.

It is a long overdue visit to my Dad.  I spoke with him over the weekend and I had to bite my tongue because I want this homecoming to be a surprise.  (Thank God he has no net access whatsoever, so I’m blabbing here knowing he won’t find out! LOL)  And yes, I cannot wait for grandson and grandpa to meet — finally.


A chilly Friday in New York

It’s cold as in C-O-L-D.  I took out one of my heavy jackets and wore it to work fully insulated.  I’m gearing to go out into the cold tonight and am very excited to make it out and meet my boys at home.  Alan is already waiting for a taxi at the airport getting ready to go home after a business trip to Arizona this week.  I’m sure father and son will be inseparable again.

Another weekend I’m looking forward to if only so we can all spend some quality time as a family again.  They’re just too short and go by way too fast!

Headache on a Thursday

I took an Advil gel cap to ward off this big headache invading my head today.  I managed to distract myself momentarily when I went into the new boss’s office and tried to put a semblace of order into his drawers and cabinets.  It was a relief to see that he was not paper heavy — although he has a sizeable stack of files.  The man has taste as far as office accessories are concerned, and I know now that he loves coffee.  (Found a stash of Starbucks paperbags in his mini drawer.)

I saw his file on the applicants he screened for my position and saw an annotation on my resume: “good potential”.  I guess he liked what he saw and decided to go my way.  I’m trying very hard to get things in order and make it a good start for both of us.  I am still burdened by some tasks I need to tie up for the old boss, but I’m already sinking my teeth into our little world here.

Meanwhile I’m trying to battle the head ache.  It’s just almost 2PM but I think I will start cleaning up and hopefully getting out of here at 5PM flat.  Hopefully.

My first day

You know that my world has been hectic when you don’t see the blog updated daily as I’m wont to do when things are “normal” — (Normal being still busy, but not chaotic.)  Monday and Tuesday hardly saw me online because I had to relinquish my computer to my replacement.  She got her laptop last night so I’m a happy camper here in my new space, trying to get settled in and enjoying every minute of it!

The boss is out today but he called to say hello and ask how things were going.  He also happily mentioned he had gotten me a flat screen monitor (something we don’t really get automatically here) which would be arriving anytime soon.  So I’m thinking I’ll just abandon the request for a black laser printer — maybe the dot matrix color printer will do.  I can always network to the color laser printers on the floor anyway.

I was going to start getting ready to go but decided I needed to do an update here.  Something I’ve been meaning to do since Monday but have been unable to due to everything that’s been going on. 

My scrapbooking project has been progressing well, I think.  I’ve started to formally gather everything I want to use, but I realize now that like a book that needs to have a cohesive storyline, I need to start planning how that scrapbook will be like.  I have the pictures, the artwork, the materials and embellishments — but I need to be able to tie everything together into a unifying look that will enable me to use everything to the max.

I must say I’ve found it very enjoyable.  I am not spending a fortune on creating this but I know it will be a good one.  It is all the more meaningful to me now that I have decided to forego my planned January trip to Paris because I am now planning to go home to the Philippines instead. ( * Sigh *)  So I am immersing myself in my scrapbooking project just to relive the joy of Paris — and here’s to hoping Alan gets to go there again end of 2006 so I can take that long-delayed second visit to the City of lights.

Feedback: from a fellow UP Manilan

From Annabanana who got here through Lani’s blog:

hello! clicked the link from lani’s blog to get here. so you’re from UP Manila, pareho pala tayo…Rizal Hall din ako, behavioral studies circa late 80s…i wonder if our paths had crossed?
anyway, have a good weekend! 😀

Okay, time to fess up.  My student number starts with 83-XXXXX, so I guess there’s a pretty good chance that yes, our paths had crossed.  Also, I was there at the “inception” of Behavioral Studies — so I was there when the first few batches came in.  I didn’t see the light until 89 when I switched loyalties to the Jesuits and decided to subject myself to the torture of law school, so unless you lurked somewhere really hidden, we would’ve bumped into each other.

I was a Devt studies major (what is that?!) and was a member of the UP Lightbearers.  (Again, what’s that?!)  I was also part of the Mag-aaral para sa Kaunlaran party — won once as Rep-at-Large in the AS Student Council elections.  I hung out with Melvin Claros, Bobby Rivera, Vic de Guzman, etc. My bestfriend, though, was Fe Siton, an Econ major who left for law school earlier than I did.

Hmmm.. can you place me now?  Thanks for stopping by.. it’s always great bumping into people who shared something common with me in one way or another..


Inconsiderate calls on a Sunday

I got a call from the (soon-to-be Ex) boss at 3PM while we were making our way through the aisles of Target doing our weekend sundries shopping.  Hmmm.. soon as I saw the missed call indication on my cell, I knew it was trouble.  So I wondered what it could possibly be as I dialed the number and heard her voice on the other end.

Her Saturday FedEx package did not arrive.  (Would I have been able to do something about it today even if I could considering it was a Sunday and we were both going to be in the office tomorrow anyway?)  So I rocked my brain trying to remember.  I know for certain I prepared the package.  I put it on the rolling tray I pushed down to my new cubicle on the 3rd floor when I left our floor (10th). 

I am almost certain I left the cube with it because I remember clutching it as I had a bag on the right and a bag on my left shoulder (purse and then the laptop on the other), and I had to detour to the other exit to make sure I passed by the FedEx drop off point.  I do not remember putting it down on the FedEx rack, but I am almost certain I did, because I went out through the turnstile closest to it.  All this aggravation because the boss was inconsiderate enough to have called on a Sunday when I wasn’t at work, and again, when I surely would not have been a position to do anything.

If FedEx botched the next day priority delivery it wouldn’t be the first time.  If I had mistakenly left it on the 3rd floor, it has happened before.  Still, it could’ve waited.  It’s not something I could’ve done something about..  I guess this is one reason I’m working for someone else beginning Wednesday.  And Wednesday just can’t come soon enough!

I’m trying to distinctly remember having put it down  — somehow the part where I walked out of the elevator is blacked out of my mind right down to when I put my ID against the reader and the turnstile opened.

It might be on the third floor.. it might not.. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

Been away too long

I was writing an e-mail to an Aunt and Uncle I had lost touch with for the past few years and as I was telling them when I was home last (in 2002), the fact hit me that I hadn’t seen my Dad since then.  It’s now 3 years.. he just turned 70 this year and isn’t exactly in good health.  I guess having Angel and all just distracted me but I do need to go home soon.  This year is out — but I have to make a plan to go home next year.

Right now I really don’t know when that will be — but I have to go home.  As Mom said, I should do that now that Dad’s still up and about, and not when he is already at his deathbed.  At his age, we really don’t know how his health would be this time around next year.

Christmas would be a lovely time to go home but somehow I feel that would be too late in the year to go.  So now I’m trying to see what is the most feasible time to do that, given Mom’s schedule with us and how my new job pans out.  For once, I think I can actually plan a long vacation.  It’s WHEN that I need to figure out.

Mom exits in April and hopes to return in July.  The way I see it, I can either go home with her in April, or go to Manila just before she returns and return with her in tow.  June wouldn’t be a bad time to go, I think.. We can also get the benefit of the 4th of July weekend perhaps.  It’s all a blur but somehow I know now that I’m not going to Paris this January.

It’s a thought that makes me sigh but hey, it’s definitely worth the trade off if it means going home to see Dad, and maybe he can finally meet my little boy.

When everything seems to be moving too fast..

.. I sit down and try to do something to help ease the tension like write.  (So that’s what I’m doing now.) 

I’m cleaning up my space and trying to move on.  Meanwhile, I have a few loose ends to continue to tie up with the old job.  Next week is a transition phase for us — we are going to finally really move on.  I can’t wait.

Yesterday I got caught up getting my scrapbook stuff together, creating little stickers from address tags by actually doing the artwork on word.  They came out pretty nice and I’m happy.  Why would I have to buy them when I can make them?  Scrapbook project is on hold today so I can get some work done.  There are a lot of things I need to file in the system and I want them done today.

I started my day by cleaning out my personal bin here and hopefully getting to transfer them to a bin downstairs.  If not, I will move the box and just leave it there in my boss’s room for now.  I meant to do it little by little but moving might be an issue.  I’m practically done.  My personal bin is right about empty.  Now if I can just get some place to stash my stuff into downstairs.  Someone is still in my area.

They might get a move order soon to have my cube downstairs finally vacated– and soon is never soon enough. 

The new and old boss are both away so it’s a little quiet.  I got a note from the old boss saying she was hitting the sack and would be up early.  She should give it a rest!  Can’t wait to get out of here.. okay, time to get back to work.

Busy as can be

You know I’ve been very busy when you see a day go by wihtout a post here.  So I’m trying to catch up.

I had to send off the boss yesterday — she leaves for Hong Kong Sunday.  Gone for a week!  (Much needed respite from the bitchiness of it all for me..)  So I’m concentrating on cleaning up my space and getting ready for “THE” move.  Can’t be soon enough..

She has been very irritating of late.  I guess she just can’t wait to get me out of the floor, the same way I’ve been itching to move on.  Going through the motions..  the best part of which is that I’ve moved on.  There were documents to edit, meetings to schedule.. (yes, she’s away for a week but meanwhile, she needs to make sure she lands running when she return on the 14th.).. preparing my replacement.

The daring woman who has accepted the job is starting on the 14th.  She’s currently on a long-term temp assignment which, any way you look it, is still “Temp-ing”.  They gave her the minimum of her desired salary range which isn’t really too bad considering it puts her just $200 shy of my current rate.  Given what she’s walking into, she should be given more but hey, it’s a free country.  They offered her the job, I was upfront about the challenges, they gave her the price and she accepted.  It’s not like we twisted her arm coming in.

While it won’t be my problem anymore if she doesn’t last, I’d like to be optimistic thinking she will.  We’ll just have to wait and see.