Chest Pains

Around 3 years ago I suffered chest pains which caused me to stop while walking to recompose myself.  I went through a battery of very meticulous (and very expensive tests) including wearing a heart monitor and a nuclear stress test but my cardiologist found nothing wrong with me.  He didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know already like the fact that I had an extra heartbeat.

A few minutes ago I had a spell which felt like pressure building up from my chest, accompanied by pressure in my head.  It subsided.  I called the cardiologist and he can see me tomorrow morning but I’m thinking now what’s the rush?

(I know, I know.. his attendant told me I ought to go to the hospital.)  Sometimes we let little things like this go not because it’s convenient but we are afraid of what we will find out if they probed deep enough.  Perhaps I was just tired.  It happens. 

It’s been a rather quiet day.  I was hoping to do some turnover to the new person who is now doing my previous job but she’s been out sick 2 days now.  (Hmmmm… )  Not that it’s my concern — I have things to do for the boss but I wanted to be able to help her somehow.   The boss is working in one of our offices in NJ and will be flying to our Tampa office tomorrow.  I don’t see him until Monday, then.  (This is THE life!)

So I don’t really want to waste an easy day tomorrow going to the doctor who will probably not find anything because he will tell me he has to see me when I’m having an episode to see what actually happened.  Don’t get me wrong — he’s a good doctor (he should be, my insurance carrier paid him $1,000 to read one of the stress test results he himself prescribed me to undergo) — and he probed and probed, but there was no earth shattering news about some debilitating disease.  In fact, I carried Angel to full term with no complications at all.

Maybe I’m just tired.  So I guess I need to take it easy.. time to start getting ready to go.