Pork Binagoongan

I never really liked or let alone tried Pork Binagoongan when I was in Manila, but it is now one of the recipes I’ve managed to whip up to Alan’s (and now my Mom’s satisfaction)!

If you don’t know yet, cooking is one of the talents I discovered I had when I came to the US.  Last night we did my Pork Binagoongan ang as always, it was just totally yummy.  I swear by this recipe so here it is for the benefit of other Pinoy foodies out there:

1 lb. pork, cut into pieces

* I usually use pork belly which has ample fat

1/4 cup oil
4 to 6 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 onion, sliced thinly
1 large tomato, diced
1/2 cup bagoong
1/2 cup vinegar
2 cups water


Heat oil in frying pan and fry the sliced pork til brown. Sauté garlic, onions and tomatoes after pork has browned.

Add the rest of the ingredients and let simmer until pork is tender. Do not forget to let the pot boil before stirring after you’ve added the vinegar. Let the pot simmer to let the flavors seep in.

Pinay New Yorker suggests:
You might want to try adding half a cup of sun-dried tomatoes for a twist. The tangy chewy bits go well with bagoong.

Web Conversations

This might be a second take on the topic — but something I just wanted to write about (again?) because of the exchanges I’ve been having with Pinoys from all over the world who somehow find their way into my little corner of the blogsphere here.

My visitors come from all walks of life and blog about different things — from the trivialities of life to food to motherhood, etc.  Our common thread is being Pinoy.  You’re always Pinoy at heart, I guess, even if you were born and raised here like my blogfriend Daryl.  I find it comforting to see comments posted on things I rant and rave about here, because then I know I’m communicating my thoughts and feelings to someone other than Alan.  (He must be my most devoted blog reader.. — then again, he should be, he’s stuck with me. LOL)

I’ve always been pretty open minded when people react to something I say — be it on the web or in person.  I seek out my friend’s counsel although now that they are all 10,000 miles away, it’s become a little slower to do the exchanges even via e-mail or text messaging or phonecalls.  Having been always big on communication, I believe it’s not just what I say that matters but what the other person says as well.  So keep the comments coming.. it’s one of the things that keep this blog alive.

Feedback: on Chest Pains and Linking up

From my new friend, Annabanana:

better go to the doctor, even if he doesnt find anything. ewan, ako kasi im paranoid about these things eh (2 uncles died of cardiac arrest without any previous symptoms!), better be safe than sorry di ba? anyway, baka nga pagod ka rin, so take advantage of this weekend..take a rest and enjoy your time with your family! keep warm! 🙂

Written by: annabanana at 2005/12/01 – 23:40

heya dinna!
just want to let you know that ive added you to my blog roll..i hope you don’t mind. 😀

Takutin ba naman daw ako.. LOL.. but the truth is you’re just echoing Alan’s sentiments.  So let me draw a compromise here — if I have an episode today, I will leave work and go to the nearest clinic — or anytime during the weekend. 

Thanks for linking up, I will do the same.  It’s nice to have this little community of Pinoys who carry on these web conversations.  (Saving my thoughts on that for another post.. later..)  Thanks for visiting, Anna.  Were you in the same circle as Melvin Claros, by the way?