Feedback: on Chest Pains and Linking up

From my new friend, Annabanana:

better go to the doctor, even if he doesnt find anything. ewan, ako kasi im paranoid about these things eh (2 uncles died of cardiac arrest without any previous symptoms!), better be safe than sorry di ba? anyway, baka nga pagod ka rin, so take advantage of this weekend..take a rest and enjoy your time with your family! keep warm! 🙂

Written by: annabanana at 2005/12/01 – 23:40

heya dinna!
just want to let you know that ive added you to my blog roll..i hope you don’t mind. 😀

Takutin ba naman daw ako.. LOL.. but the truth is you’re just echoing Alan’s sentiments.  So let me draw a compromise here — if I have an episode today, I will leave work and go to the nearest clinic — or anytime during the weekend. 

Thanks for linking up, I will do the same.  It’s nice to have this little community of Pinoys who carry on these web conversations.  (Saving my thoughts on that for another post.. later..)  Thanks for visiting, Anna.  Were you in the same circle as Melvin Claros, by the way? 

0 thoughts on “Feedback: on Chest Pains and Linking up

  1. hahaha at nagpatakot ka naman?! well, i am just checking if you have an update of the chest pains episode, i hope you are feeling better now.
    melvin claros? hmmm,the name rings a bell, pero i can’t put a face to it. my student number begins with 87 (hahaha at nagpapahalata na ba ng edad?) i was busy with a sorority and i majored in behavioral studies. ayan dami ng clues! hehehehe…


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