Our first snow this winter

With Alan off to a convention in San Francisco, Angel and I fell asleep in the living room, and I eventually lugged my comforter and took the couch when he got up at around 6AM.  I was rather surprised that it was so dark at 6:30 until I realized the reason was it was snowing.  Yes, we had our first snow of the season, so I’m glad I found my winter gloves, my cap and my coats are ready to go.

We didn’t get much but it coated the grounds pretty well.  At least it’s not going to be such a sloshy commute tomorrow.  Well, unless it keeps snowing during the day.  Hopefully not.

Feedback on Chest Pains part II

The latest from Annabanana:

hahaha at nagpatakot ka naman?! well, i am just checking if you have an update of the chest pains episode, i hope you are feeling better now.
melvin claros? hmmm,the name rings a bell, pero i can’t put a face to it. my student number begins with 87 (hahaha at nagpapahalata na ba ng edad?) i was busy with a sorority and i majored in behavioral studies. ayan dami ng clues! hehehehe…

And PinayNewyorker says..If we’re talking about student numbers, mine begins with 83, so please don’t even talk about age.  I’m not going there.  LOL

No more chest pains, Anna — so I’m good.  I even went for a rather long walk from where Alan dropped me off on his way to the airport to the craft store.  I guess that qualifies as my exercise for the week.  (You have to pay me to exercise. LOL) 

Well, about your clues — I know the sorrority you’re talking about only because there were only two in the campus, and one was related to the frat of Melvin, so since he is but “familiar” and not exactly someone you knew, I know you belong to the other one.  And since Behavioral Studies did come in towards the latter years of my stay in Rizal Hall, I figured you were in the later 80s as far as student number was concerned.  But enough of the reminiscing.. nahahalata kung gaano ako katanda.

I was amazed you have a ferret in your house.  I read about them in a series of fables written by a favorite author of mine, Richard Bach.  (The same author who wrote Jonathon Livingston Seagull, Illusions — my all time favorite — One, and a host of other books..)  You should check out his ferret chronicles which is really light reading compared to his other works.  Tildy, right?  She is one lucky pet.

Thanks for visiting again.  Sa uulitin..


Craft Report: Finally finishing the cross stitch project

I’ve been busy working on my unfinished cross stitch project of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  I’m tired and I wanted to put something in here before the clock hit midnight.  Otherwise, I’d be stuck with a lull during the weekend again.

It feels good to see the project actually almost finished.  It should be ready for framing before the New Year.  The project itself is almost 2 years in the running now — much delayed because I lost the thread legend.  (I had the pattern, I had the thread, but I couldn’t figure out which thread to use for the unfinished portion of the project.)

My scrapbook is taking shape, too.  I went to the craft store tonight, trying to browse and see what I could find in the items left which are now on sale because the store is closing.  (They are selling the scrapbooking items at 30% off now.)  I picked up four vellum sheets with embossed designs and a few odds and ends, but I tore myself away from the yearns after reminding myself I still have a ton of yarn to work on here at home.  The store’s supposed to remain open until sometime after January 15, so I figure if the yarns I was eyeing tonight are still there next week, I’ll get them.

I have my hands full as it is.  Okay, time to do something for the scrapbook now.