Craft Report: Finally finishing the cross stitch project

I’ve been busy working on my unfinished cross stitch project of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  I’m tired and I wanted to put something in here before the clock hit midnight.  Otherwise, I’d be stuck with a lull during the weekend again.

It feels good to see the project actually almost finished.  It should be ready for framing before the New Year.  The project itself is almost 2 years in the running now — much delayed because I lost the thread legend.  (I had the pattern, I had the thread, but I couldn’t figure out which thread to use for the unfinished portion of the project.)

My scrapbook is taking shape, too.  I went to the craft store tonight, trying to browse and see what I could find in the items left which are now on sale because the store is closing.  (They are selling the scrapbooking items at 30% off now.)  I picked up four vellum sheets with embossed designs and a few odds and ends, but I tore myself away from the yearns after reminding myself I still have a ton of yarn to work on here at home.  The store’s supposed to remain open until sometime after January 15, so I figure if the yarns I was eyeing tonight are still there next week, I’ll get them.

I have my hands full as it is.  Okay, time to do something for the scrapbook now.

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