Feedback on Chest Pains part II

The latest from Annabanana:

hahaha at nagpatakot ka naman?! well, i am just checking if you have an update of the chest pains episode, i hope you are feeling better now.
melvin claros? hmmm,the name rings a bell, pero i can’t put a face to it. my student number begins with 87 (hahaha at nagpapahalata na ba ng edad?) i was busy with a sorority and i majored in behavioral studies. ayan dami ng clues! hehehehe…

And PinayNewyorker says..If we’re talking about student numbers, mine begins with 83, so please don’t even talk about age.  I’m not going there.  LOL

No more chest pains, Anna — so I’m good.  I even went for a rather long walk from where Alan dropped me off on his way to the airport to the craft store.  I guess that qualifies as my exercise for the week.  (You have to pay me to exercise. LOL) 

Well, about your clues — I know the sorrority you’re talking about only because there were only two in the campus, and one was related to the frat of Melvin, so since he is but “familiar” and not exactly someone you knew, I know you belong to the other one.  And since Behavioral Studies did come in towards the latter years of my stay in Rizal Hall, I figured you were in the later 80s as far as student number was concerned.  But enough of the reminiscing.. nahahalata kung gaano ako katanda.

I was amazed you have a ferret in your house.  I read about them in a series of fables written by a favorite author of mine, Richard Bach.  (The same author who wrote Jonathon Livingston Seagull, Illusions — my all time favorite — One, and a host of other books..)  You should check out his ferret chronicles which is really light reading compared to his other works.  Tildy, right?  She is one lucky pet.

Thanks for visiting again.  Sa uulitin..


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