Feedback on my Calamondin Plant – Cali

Here’s someone who picked up my old post on my Calamansi (calamondin) tree, Cali:

I was interested in reading about your calamondin tree, and thought I would tell you about mine. I have had one in my yard for over forty years. About twenty years ago we had a hard freeze one night (the only one I can remember in my part of South Georgia!). My tree had hundreds of fruit on it. It froze during the freeze—-fruit, limbs, and trunk. I had my yardman cut the trunk down to about one foot high. For ten years, it was dormant. My yardman wanted to dig it up, as he was tired of having to mow around it, but I wouldn’t let him dig it up. One day I noticed two tiny twigs coming out from the stump. Through the years the two twigs continued to grow. For several years I would throw a sheet over it if I heard that we might have a hard freeze, but we didn’t have one after that one terrible one that killed my beautiful tree. Finally it got too big for me to throww a sheet over, so I have just left it to fend for itself. Today it is a tall as my house (one-story) and has as many oranges on it as it had before it froze. There are oranges on it almost year round. The fruit is not bad when sprindled with salf, if one likes tart things. Do you know of anything they can be used for besides marmalade? It seems such a waste to see such beautiful fruit just rotting on the ground. Ann Aparker

Ann — unfortunately, my poor Cali has been out in the cold and might’ve been done in by the first snowfall we had over the weekend.  Your post is a blessing because I will make sure to bring him in tonight (He is still small enough to be in a pot and to put on top of one of my heaters at home) and will hopefully recover.  My Cali has been pretty resilient.

I will do a separate posting on the things we Filipinos do with our calamansi or calamondin.  Watch out for that.

Listening to Christmas Carols here at work

So we haven’t been able to put up our Christmas tree just yet nor have I put up any decorations whatsoever.  I promise to do it tomorrow.. (I’m going out tonight with some former officemates from Allstate.)  I know Mom’s itching to put it all up — I would, too, but the tree is a challenge I cannot do alone.  I’d rather wait for Alan and the stepson to help.

Meanwhile, I’m feeling all christmassy here listening to some christmas carols on the laptop CD drive.  I’m down with a bad allergy of sorts I picked up once here in the office, and I’m trying to postpone having to drink the allergy meds until I can no longer bear it because I don’t want to get all groggy just now.  It’s just half past noon and I have a full day ahead.

Paskong-pasko na siguro sa Pilipinas. I can imagine the malls and the streets bedecked with Christmas decor.  It is something I sorely miss here in New York where Christmas is an “optional” holiday being that there is such a diversity of communities and a very big Jewish population.  So we don’t all do Christmas.  Of course within the family, it’s a big deal to all of us and Alan and I are going to do our Christmas shopping this coming Monday– it’s special more so because Angel now delights in toys and presents and can participate actively in the gift giving.  We had bought him one of two toys we wanted him to get from Santa, and he was so inquisitive about the box that he tried to pull it into the living room so he could inspect it.

Christmas has always been special to me and this year is another special one I’m looking forward to. 

Well, we decided to cancel dinner because of the anticipated storm, so I’m heading straight home, back to my baby.  I might yet get some christmas decorations up after all.

Wrapping up another weekend

I like weekends.  Not just because it means there’s no work — but more importantly because it gives me time to spend on the things that matter the most to me.  Alan’s away this weekend but I got to spend a quiet Sunday with Mom and Angel at home.  I was planning to venture out but then the snow decided it for me — no way I would want to brave the cold.  So we chose instead to spend the day watching “I will Survive” and “Pedro Penduko, Episode II”.  Mom enjoyed it.  I welcomed the chance to nap.  I don’t remember napping like I did today in recent weeks.

I tried to get a page or two in the scrapbook done, and I haven’t touched my laptop except to do these blogposts. 

Here I am again thinking of the week ahead, thinking of the next couple of days.  I forgot I have a dinner engagement tomorrow.  (Two former officemates at Allstate and I are meeting up.)  Now at the last minute I feel like backing out but now think I might as well go for it.

The boss is back at work tomorrow but will be off at an offsite Tuesday and Wednesday again. 

I haven’t won the lotto yet but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. (Talk about optimism!)  I’ve got my dollar and my dream.  Happy Monday!