Cold Wednesday

It was freezing this morning — so much so that I had to wear my hat and gloves when I stepped out of the bus, and again when I stepped out of the subway.  It’s that kind of cold that eats into you.. 26 degrees!  (Water in the drains will freeze at 32).. Not that I’m going anywhere but it bit into me when I walked out of the house this morning.  I guess winter IS upon us and now they’re warning us about a possible snowstorm this weekend.  Yahoo Weather says it’s 75 degrees in Manila.. give me that weather please!

I guess I should get ready to stay home and get our decorations up.  (Need to plan on eating in if it does start to blow this weekend..)  Mom and I had a sumptuous dinner of Fried Tilapia last night — I would’ve gotten more goodies from the Chinese Grocery but I had to pick up a 10 kilo bag of jasmine rice.  (Can’t risk running out because Angel now eats rice for lunch and dinner!)  And I was just so unlucky to have jumped into the bus that ends its route three stops before where I get off, so I had to lug the load a few blocks more than I should’ve.  I had to stop every few feet and shift the load from hand to hand, but I managed to get it to the house without falling all over myself.

Time to layer, time to zip up.  It’s one of the hassles of living here on the East Coast — the winters can be biting, and to think we aren’t even in the coldest parts of this side of the US. 


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