10 Reasons Why I Hate Winter

Annabanana‘s comment on Winter inspired me to chime in on why I also hate winter:

  1. I grew up in Manila where the coldest we get is a cold summer night here
  2. It’s too cumbersome dressing for the outdoors when it’s cold
  3. Snow is only pretty right after it falls to the ground and accumulates then you have to deal with slush when it can’t melt fast enough.
  4. It’s difficult to shop when you try to fit what you want to buy and you have to take off your coat, your 2 sweaters, your leggings, your pants, and you won’t get anywhere without taking off the boots first.
  5. My eyes start getting teary-eyed  when it gets too windy and cold.  (Which is the reason why I don’t wear mascarra in the winter.)
  6. The winter is very harsh on my skin so I have to use all these extra moisturizers.
  7. Cold sores are not something I particularly enjoy and sometimes I get susceptible to it when it gets too cold for too long.
  8. I love sunshine!
  9. They don’t have winter in Manila.
  10. I love dressing up in the colors of spring and summer.

Feedback on Calamansi 2

Here’s a tidbit about Calamondin which I have heard about but had not thought of including in my tips because I was thinking of food..! (LOL)

i like calamansi as a skin whitener. i learned it from an artista back in the philippines. what you do is get 2-3 pieces of calamansi, slice it in half, remove the pits and squeeze the juice while rubbing it on your knees, ankles, elbows, armpits and just about anything that needs whitening (teeth included!) let it stand for 5 minutes then rinse, do it regularly and it is guaranteed that youll have whiter skin/teeth. 😀

sayang we don’t have calamansi here, but i heard that lemon does the job too!

My Calamansi plant is no more — Mom made sure she convinced me by tearing the twigs apart to show me how brittle and truly dead the plant was.  So I’m on the hunt for another small shrub — there was a shrub I saw on the way to the Main Street subway station in Flushing on sunny day I was paying attention to the stores as we neared the end of the bus ride.

There’s always the frozen calamansi in sachet we get from the Filipino stores.. and have you heard of powdered Calamansi?  It’s just a little tricky mixing it with water to liquefy it.  But Calamansi is calamansi.

It was a busy day today

I can’t believe I wasn’t able to stop by and write a post all day.. I’m here at home at almost 8:30PM taking advantage of Angel’s finally being asleep and trying to sneak something in here before the day ends. 

The new boss handed me two pads of paper from the meeting he attended the past two days.  And to think he doesn’t even know yet that I have a thing for paper!  (Something I will write about sometime in the future..not now..)  Little things like that mean a lot to me — it shows me he’s thinking of me making better use of these things he might not have a use for.

There was lots of work to do, and with the boss in, there was much that kept me busy.  The ex-boss drove me a little nutty with another document request for something I can’t remember even putting together.  It could be in a shared drive I no longer have access to, but since I didn’t get a call from the new assistant, all I can presuppose is that they found what they were looking for.

Should I even bother?  A friend told me to just let it go and ignore them.  I wish it were that easy.  Fortunately, I got very wrapped up with finishing the tasks I owed the real boss.

I managed to traipse out of the office at just 3 minutes after 5:30 which would never be possible with the other boss.  The new guy even eggs me to leave when he realizes it is past 5:30 and I stay because he’s still around.

I’m looking forward to a good partnership with him — so much so that sometimes I feel like I’m such an eager beaver.  There is a touch of anxiety that creeps upon me when I think about the ex-boss getting to him with the bad news about the things she didn’t like about me.  I’m hoping he sticks to his gut feel which made him choose me among the applicants he got.

We’re not seeing each other for another week and a half.  Almost two, actually.  I guess that’s good — he won’t get too much of me. LOL