10 Reasons Why I Hate Winter

Annabanana‘s comment on Winter inspired me to chime in on why I also hate winter:

  1. I grew up in Manila where the coldest we get is a cold summer night here
  2. It’s too cumbersome dressing for the outdoors when it’s cold
  3. Snow is only pretty right after it falls to the ground and accumulates then you have to deal with slush when it can’t melt fast enough.
  4. It’s difficult to shop when you try to fit what you want to buy and you have to take off your coat, your 2 sweaters, your leggings, your pants, and you won’t get anywhere without taking off the boots first.
  5. My eyes start getting teary-eyed  when it gets too windy and cold.  (Which is the reason why I don’t wear mascarra in the winter.)
  6. The winter is very harsh on my skin so I have to use all these extra moisturizers.
  7. Cold sores are not something I particularly enjoy and sometimes I get susceptible to it when it gets too cold for too long.
  8. I love sunshine!
  9. They don’t have winter in Manila.
  10. I love dressing up in the colors of spring and summer.

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