Feedback on Calamansi 2

Here’s a tidbit about Calamondin which I have heard about but had not thought of including in my tips because I was thinking of food..! (LOL)

i like calamansi as a skin whitener. i learned it from an artista back in the philippines. what you do is get 2-3 pieces of calamansi, slice it in half, remove the pits and squeeze the juice while rubbing it on your knees, ankles, elbows, armpits and just about anything that needs whitening (teeth included!) let it stand for 5 minutes then rinse, do it regularly and it is guaranteed that youll have whiter skin/teeth. 😀

sayang we don’t have calamansi here, but i heard that lemon does the job too!

My Calamansi plant is no more — Mom made sure she convinced me by tearing the twigs apart to show me how brittle and truly dead the plant was.  So I’m on the hunt for another small shrub — there was a shrub I saw on the way to the Main Street subway station in Flushing on sunny day I was paying attention to the stores as we neared the end of the bus ride.

There’s always the frozen calamansi in sachet we get from the Filipino stores.. and have you heard of powdered Calamansi?  It’s just a little tricky mixing it with water to liquefy it.  But Calamansi is calamansi.

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