Age is but a number

I’ve heard it said that age is but a number.  I’m one of those people who don’t wince when I say I’m 39 years old.  As I had e-mailed a friend who is turning 40 in a couple of days — It’s how we live and age that matters, not how old we are.  So I think not about how 39 is close to 40, but rather that at this age, I’ve found peace with someone I will grow old with, I’m raising a precocious and very sweet human being, and I’m trying to make the most of life. 

The morning was cold and wet, but the sun came out in full force by noon and I didn’t have to commute home tonight as Alan fetched me from the office.  We’re spending a quiet evening at home where it’s warm and toasty.

It was another busy day but I know I accomplished a lot.  The boss and I had a nice chat online, too, and it was so rewarding to read him acknowledge I’ve been doing a great job and that he was happy.  Just the validation I need after working so hard to try and partner with him as best as I could.

It’s a long weekend for us — Alan and I have taken Monday off so we’re looking forward to a nice weekend as a family.  Just another weekend we want to spend meaningfully even if we don’t really do much like chill at home. 

We’d have wanted to watch a movie but I don’t want to tire Mom needlessly — we can always watch tomorrow late in the afternoon.  Even after 5 years of being husband and wife, we still take the time out to do things as a couple, not just as parents of this growing boy.

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