Feedback on Age

Again from Lani:

We”re happy being 39!!!

Baby-face naman tayo, D.

And I so agree!  Most people get surprised to hear I’m actually 39 — a subject that comes along when they ask me if I plan on having a second child now that Angel is a year and 7 months.  I tell them that it’s out of the question given my age.. blah blah blah. 

I don’t take special credit for this but attribute it to the fact that we Asians really look younger than our Caucasian counterparts mostly, I believe, because of our skin composition.  The presence of more melanin in our skin makes it less susceptible to the ravages of age (read: wrinkles), and our diet has a lot to do with it as well.

And I think aging is a matter of perspective as well.  One who can go with the flow and go with age and not against it will manage well through time.

The other day, Oprah featured a bunch of women who defied the laws of nature and looked ravishing for their biological age.  A woman in her 60s looked like she was my age — and this was not because of Botox or other medical intervention, but basically due to how they chose to live their lives.  One must really take care of one’s self to do well.

I don’t really have any special routines except to ensure that my skin is properly moisturized, more so now that it’s winter.  I try to drink more water because I know I never drink nearly enough, and I try to maintain a good outlook on life so that no matter what challenges come my way, I am able to maintain a solid footing to cope.

And yes, we’re happy being 39.. who wouldn’t be?  I have accomplished what I wanted (passed the Philippine Bar), got my title (which means nada here, though — but once a lawyer always a lawyer..), found my better half (or did he find me?) — moved to the greatest city in the world, and now have a beautiful baby.  Not that there’s nothing I can ask for after all that — but all things considered, I know I am truly blessed.  I have the love of friends and family and there is nothing more precious than all that I have enumerated above.

One thought on “Feedback on Age

  1. you are right, dinna..age is but a number! i work with kids, and that gives me an advantage, i am always given a wonderful chance to see the world from a kid”s point of view. having accomplished all that you have, you are truly blessed…continue to enjoy them! hello angel! 😀


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