Middle of a long weekend

It’s minutes to midnight but I’m in no hurry to turn in.  Alan and I took tomorrow off.  We might not get to spend it as we originally planned, though, due to some unfortunate turn of events today.  I’m not complaining — we just need to adjust.

I had re-arranged the attic to make room and find the christmas decoration.  I was getting into the groove of assembling my window wreaths when Alan told me he wanted to go out with Angel.  Mom wasn’t feeling well so we headed out — father, son and me.  We were just getting intot he highway when we received a call from my brother-in-law that they had brought my mother-in-law to the hospital.

We had a quick lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon in the emergency room waiting for some word on her condition.  Alan and I suddenly realized bringing Angel wasn’t such a good idea considering all the contagions in the area.  My sister-in-law and her husband were there and we all waited for the doctors to say she would be sent home after finishing her IV. 

Alan’s taking her to the doctor tomorrow.  She’s already getting on in years, and sometimes emergencies like this can really rattle Alan who has been very concerned about his Mom’s health of late. 

Mom hasn’t been feeling well herself, but I have faith Mom has been taking better care of herself than my mother-in-law.  Besides, my Mom is much younger than Alan’s.

I know Alan is still worried.  Between us, we know that his Mom can go anytime.  That is the reason why he tries to spend as much time with her as we can during the weekends.  I tried to calm Alan down as best as I can, knowing he was worried sick about his Mom.  Having lunch before going to the hospital helped to do just that — but I know that he still has his Mom’s health in his mind.

All we can really do is pray.  I told him I wouldn’t mind foregoing our original plan to go shopping tomorrow so he could spend time taking care of his Mom.  He said no — he will do what needs to be done. 

We will make adjustments, as I said.

My windows are now adorned with green garlands and white christmas lights.  Hopefully we will be able to take care of our Christmas tree tomorrow.  I have hung the gold Christmas wreath by our door downstairs.  It’s just days to Christmas — we’re almost there.