Nope, I didn't win the New York MEGALotto

So I guess we aren’t moving to Estates I, II or III just yet.  Didn’t bag it.  I don’t know, though, if I won in the regular Lotto.  As I keep saying, I’m not greedy — even second prize would be great.. LOL.. need to get tickets for the weekend!

Cleaning up

I’ve been in the office for over 2 hours now and I have been cleaning up.  Actually, it started out as a sweep for my VPN Token (the security token we need to use to get into our intranet from an external location), and I had no luck.  (I know it’s somewhere at home.. now if I can only remember where I hid it to keep it away from Angel.)  With the threatened strike tomorrow, I am bringing the laptop home to log on from there just in case everything freezes because the transportation authorities refuse to budge and the workers decide they will give New York grief by paralyzing public transportation.  But I cannot log on without the token.. =(  So there..

Meanwhile, I’ve tried to tidy up my desk and sort the few things I have cluttering it here.  (It’s a slower office so I don’t get buried in paper work.. hooray!)  I have managed to write 2 Christmas cards and will be writing more over the weekend.. hopefully.  I know, I know.. I’m late again.

I’m trying to plan the holidays already and will be shopping for the milk, the eggs and the other good stuff to put on our holiday table.  We have pretty much taken cared of the gifts for the family — now if we can only put up our Christmas tree this weekend.  (There is hope — after all, the stepson has moved back in so we have the extra hands to pull it together.)

I am hoping to get red sweaters for Mom and me so we can wear them on Christmas day, and following the Filipino tradition of wearing something round or polka dotted for the New Year, I’m going to be searching for something appropriate for Mom.  (I know she will like that.)

In the meantime, I’m trying to get on with the holiday spirit.  (I suddenly remembered my holiday brooch which I wear on my winter coat  every year and it’s still in my vanity case.)  I wish the people around me would remember the holidays because early today two people were almost at each other’s throats!  I wanted to tell them to just let it go.

I was greeted by an e-mail from the ex-boss which was non-threatening but was accusing again about something she thought I had done but which was still under process.  I simply forwarded to her the system report on where it was and she said thank you.  End of story.  I created a folder in my e-mail box aptly entitled “A PREVIOUS LIFE” and have transferred her e-mails to me to that bin.  I don’t like seeing her name in my Inbox because it still unsettles me.  I want her tucked away where she won’t bother me.

That makes me feel a whole lot better.