In the Midst of a Strike

It’s day 2 of the Transit Worker Union’s strike and I managed to get to the office and get my Lotus Notes issues taken cared of.  (Still no VPN token, though.)

I got here just before noon so Alan and I agreed we would not leave until the rush hour had subsided, so I’m essentially still working a full day although at a later hour.  I don’t mind — it beats desperately trying to connect remotely when I cannot.  This is one instance when I’m very grateful that my boss is who my boss is right now, and that I am no longer in the old position.  Working remotely is such a stressful situation despite the circumstances we are in when your boss is constantly hounding you about no one being there to answer her phones.  (As if they will give you car service to get to the office!)

But as I said, I’m grateful I’m not in that position anymore.

It’s getting very cold here in New York.  I pity the people who have walked blocks and blocks to get to some mode of transportation that will take them to work.  I had to walk a block or two myself as I volunteered to Alan to get off sooner than in front of the building so he could easily make his way to the bridge that would get him to the office.

Life goes on despite the strike.  It’s just a good thing that the strike was announced way ahead and was begun not in the middle of the work day as our jeepney drivers in Manila were wont to do — making it terribly disconcerting given the fact that they bring the throng of people to work in the morning and then strand them in the middle of the day.

Still a lot of people are upset even if it appears the majority of New Yorkers are sympathetic with the strikers.  The strike has completely paralyzed a huge portion of the public transportation system in the big apple and it has rendered what used to be an easily commutable city into a serious trek.  The cold hasn’t helped at all — commutes which used to be just a matter of minutes now take hours of falling in line in the cold just to get on a jampacked train.

Carpooling has become an alternative, too, but that’s not really an option for me.  With the holidays around the corner, it certainly has put a dampener on christmas shopping in the city.  I have a couple of things I still need to pick up but will have to wait for the weekend to do that.

We’re celebrating Christmas with an extended family so I’m suddenly pressured to add a few small gifts.  Nothing fancy — just enough to add cheer to the party on Saturday.  We’re having our Noche Buena at my Ninong and Ninang’s house — my sister-in-law’s parents-in-law, and their side of the family will be there as well.  They had become our extended family as well, being invited to family gatherings, etc.

Pasko na nga!  I’m rather grateful I’m 10,000 miles away from my inaanaks who number quite a bit considering that I had my first christening at age 10.  I also happened to be everybody’s favorite Ninang among cousins, etc.  I’ll just make up for it when I go home next year.