Down Time

I guess it’s pretty obvious that spending time at home doesn’t necessarily mean having a lot of time on my hands.  Between taking care of Angel and trying to make sure I get the meals cooked, I often find myself resting doing little things instead of accomplishing the usual things I used to do back when I still knew what leisure time was.  Hence, no post yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong — we still have time for ourselves, but now it’s me and Angel or me and Alan or all of us, leaving little precious time for just “me”.

Alan and I watched MUNICH yesterday which was a good movie — then again, it wasn’t surprising considering it was by Steven Spielberg.  The fact that both Alan and I also count THE SWORD OF GIDEON as one of our all time favorites made it a movie of interest to both of us.  There are similarities but this is a Spielberg movie that stands on its own.

I’m hoping to get some major organizing done in the house this next couple of days — part of the plan being that I will fix my side of the attic to enable me to do some work up there.  I need to clean the space I intend to use and “seal off” some of the exposed portions of the beams and the ceiling, and then I have to vacuum the carpet that covers that area.  Hopefully I will be able to bring up more of my things once I get that part of the organizing done.  It’s like “moving” in a sense, and hopefully making the living space more liveable with less clutter.

So many projects in my head again, and I cannot even take the time to post here.  Ambitious, I know.  But at least I’m thinking about it and I will hopefully get things done once I flesh out how to go about squeezing it into my ultra hectic life.

Hectic is good.  And I enjoy every bit of it, specially that part that includes Angel.  He can now hug me with both arms and has started taking delight in literally pinching my face red.  Hearing his laughter or feeling his lips touch mine in a gentle kiss takes all my cares away.  (Me and motherhood.. ladidah..)

We have another long weekend ahead so I hope I can get on with the organizing.  I don’t have a major feast to plan (I guess spending New Year’s Eve at home is out of the question), but I would still like to prepare a good New Year’s breakfast for us as a family.

Manigong Bagong Taon asa inyong lahat!  (Happy New Year to you all!)