Feedback on MUNICH

It’s always great to hear from kababayans who stray into my part of the blogsphere like Major Tom who wrote:

Hi Ms. Pinay. Glad to be visitin here. I bet Munich was such a great movie. Merry Xmas to you and have a happy new year…

To which I say.. Yes, it was a great movie.  Although I mentioned MUNICH in passing in a previous post, I had meant to write about the film based on my views as the better half of a cinephile my hubby is.  As I mentioned, both of us count SWORD OF GIDEON as a favorite film.  (This is the earlier version of MUNICH, or a similar film which dwelt on the retaliatory action taken by the Jewish nation against those who massacred the Israeli athletes in Munich).  There were similarities between the two and differences that are noticeable but negligible given that the story both movies are telling are the same.

Both movies depict the horror of terrorism and vengeance with stark clarity that makes one think about one’s concept of justice.  Based on the novel by GEORGE JONAS III, “Vengeance,” you are bound to compare the TV version and the Spielberg opus.  Except for the depiction of the story as told by Jonas, the production values are totally different given that the two were produced 19 years apart.  

Major Tom, if you can get your hands on a copy of SWORD OF GIDEON before MUNICH hits the screens in the Philippines, try and refresh your memory about how JONAS’ story was told onscreen the first time — I believe it will make you appreciate Spielberg’s work all the more. 

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