The First Day of the Year

I had a pretty busy New Year’s Eve because I got my wish to spend the New Year at home.  In the afternoon, we dropped off a bottle of champagne at our Ninong and Ninang’s house where we had originally intended to join their family for the Noche Buena, then proceeded to shop for our dinner.  I was really meaning to take a picture for the website, but just before 5PM, we got word that my mother-in-law wasn’t feeling up to going to her balae’s house and so Alan invited her to come join us for dinner.  Mom and I had decided to forego the fish for the next day but instead decided to do it anyway at the last minute.

By the time my mother-in-law arrived, I had cooked up some spaghetti (in keeping with the tradition of having noodles at the table for long life), I had cooked some jumbo shrimps in balsamic vinegar, soda (yes, soda) and some oyster sauce, steamed a whole striped bass which Mom dressed with mayonnaise and decorated with egg, mayonnaise and carrots.  (Now I really feel bad I wasn’t able to take a picture of that.) 

My oven is still on the blink but I had my trusty turbo cooker — (the one that enables you to cook it without oil in it).  I put my bone-in, butt portion ham in around 2 inches of water and boiled the whole thing, waiting for the water to totally reduce and then I patted sugar onto the skin, adding just a little more water.  It surprisingly came out very delicious and tender!

I also whipped up some Filipino style fruit salad (2 cans of fruit cocktail, 1 can of condensed milk, 1 can of nestle table cream, 2 apples and 4 large lakatan bananas.)  I would usually add some nata de coco but I didn’t have any, and I chose not to add the lychees at the last minute.

We had the last of Mom’s leche flan which was round as can be (steamed in a Selecta half gallon container no less), and we had a hearty meal.

It was a quiet New Year’s eve.. but it was another memorable New Year’s Eve spent at home.. Angel didn’t bug us as he watched his DVD while we ate. 

We greeted the first day of the year with a quiet hug and kiss.. we watched the ball drop in Times Square. 

New Year’s Day saw us having kare-kare which was as authentic as you can go with Mom giving me tips on how to pull it off.  We all went to the mall later and looked if there were any interesting sales.  Angel, for a change, obliged us and did not create trouble for us as we pushed him in his stroller in the mall.  I picked up a few things using the giftcards I had stashed in my purse.  (More on this in Bargains Galore!)

Welcome to 2006.. it’s finally here.

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