Thoughts on a Wednesday afternoon

It’s a few minutes past 3:30 and I’m thinking about what I’m cooking for dinner tonight.  Hubby must be busy because he didn’t call to check up on me during the day and he hasn’t called to ask what’s for dinner.  I really don’t know.  I have a few things in my freezer which I can pull together into a decent dinner, but my brain isn’t working right now. 

I do know that I can’t do pasta (we just had spaghetti last night).. maybe some steak?  Hmmm.. that might work.  I think I have enough carrots for a side dish, and I definitely have potatoes.  Big decision to be made here.. tick tock tick tock tick tock..

Oh, and yes, the stepson is back so I can’t just cook anything, it has to be something he eats.  Makes the decision all the more difficult to make.

We’ll just have to see what I think of by the time I get home! Ha!

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