Feedback on Pasalubong

Here’s something from Major Tom :

Hi! I am sure your family here is as excited as you are what with all those thoughtful pasalubongs. My Uncle Bert is coming in February from Chicago and I am also a little excited about the pasalubongs. It”s not he material thing but it”s all about the thought and pleasant surprises…Happy New Year to you…

Annabanana chimed in to say:

hmmm, what a generous person you are. i guess the pasalubong part is something so pinoy. my hubby can”t begin to understand my need to stockpile little items for a trip to the homeland that is not even booked yet. (yaiks, i need to book tickets…we are going this summer and i have 5-6 months to go)
i just love looking at the expression on the faces of my love ones when i hand them the pasalubongs, but unlike you, i don”t think i can bear to part with a first edition (with autograph pa!).   have a nice time scouring the shops! may you be blessed with the best bargains ever! hugs!

Thanks for the well wishes, Major Tom and Anna.. I agree with what you said that it’s the thought that counts.. and it’s not how much or how big or small the present is, but the mere thought that you were in that person’s mind.

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