It's the thought that counts…

It’s 2:30 PM in New York and I just finished painting my nails in the lady’s room.  Took me all of 5 minutes only because I had already cleaned and buffed it previously.  It’s just impossible to paint my nails decently and not get them all smudged when I’m home with Angel. 

I must say I’m pretty adept at doing this now since I got so used to doing it even when I was back in Manila, since my practice was to have my nails done during the weekend, and I would usually change the polish myself midweek.

But back to the business of Pasalubongs.  I don’t envision myself as a Santa of sorts — it’s just that you never get over the feeling of entering a store and looking not only at things for Angel, but what would look good on my brothers, my sister, what this or that friend would like, etc — more so when you’re in the homecoming mode.

I’m really a very practical giftgiver.  I simply put myself in the recipient’s place and then think of what they would appreciate — be it a small token or something I would go out of my way to get.  That’s the reason I bought my mom this beautiful green wooden bead rosary at the Notre Dame in Paris, because she loved the color green, and she was always praying the rosary.  (And now I find out she doesn’t want to use it all that often because it’s too precious.. that’s my Mom for you! LOL)  It’s the same reason why I buy t-shirts instead of keychains because you can only have so many keychains — but you’ll always have use for a t-shirt.

I’m lucky my friends are not value conscious — they appreciate the things that they like — simple as the gift may be.  What would I appreciate if it were given to me?  While I cannot meet everyone’s expectations, as we all say, it’s really the thought that counts.  That’s what matters in the end, whether you bring them some chocolates or some other trivial things.  Ang mahalaga, nakaalala ka.



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