Omelet for Breakfast, anyone?

I usually whip up something special during the weekends when I’m not rushing to get ready for work.  It’s also the time of the week when Alan indulges in sinangag (fried rice) not only because he’s not rushing to work himself, but he’s trying to limit his fried rice intake to twice a week.  (Need to watch that girlish figure of his! LOL)

I have no set recipe but a set method to making my omelet.  I have discovered that the success of an omelet depends on the pan you cook it in, and my Ikea frying pan does the trick every time.  First I saute the filling and set it aside, I make the egg “shell” and then put in the filling.  I fold the omelet and then put some shredded cheese on top and wait for it to melt before serving.

Our favorites are ham, mushrooms, green onions (the green part only) or actual onions ( I usually use 1/4 of a bulb for each omelet).  Sometimes I use shrimp or salmon instead of ham.  Always a winner for breakfast.

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