New Year's Resolutions: More or Less

I try to visit other blogs — specifically Filipino blogs — to read what other kababayans are doing in their own corner of the world and after two trails I tried to follow, I landed on a group blog of Pinay wives writing on Wifespeaks, and I picked up a topic trail on New year’s resolutions for 2006.

There were several posts listed and I am ‘borrowing’ the slant of one of their contributors, Misis14, wrote about what she would want to do more of and less of in the coming year.  So after ‘seeking permission’ to follow her lead, here’s my take on what I’d like to do more of and less of to make myself a better person this year.

  1. More effort to take care of myself better.  Translates to more exercise (yes, I’m enrolling in the company gym this week), more dieting (or dieting again because I absolutely let that go in 2005 — so that also means LESS chocolates, definitely.. ), seeing my doctors more promptly instead of waiting for things to feel real serious before I asked for an appointment.  It also means taking the time to do the things that matter to me, no matter how trivial they may seem like the next one.
  2. More crafts.. more crafts!  So that means more scrapbooking (finish Paris, finish Mom’s scrapbook by her birthday on March 9 and start Angel’s scrapbook soon!)… finish the Our Lady of Perpetual Help cross stitch project before March and have it framed.. try and work on a knitted scarf for each quarter to give away next Christmas.
  3. Read more to Angel.  Alan and I had made a promise that we would read to Angel before he slept, but there are always a ton of things waiting to be done as we lull him to sleep (usually in his fold out Pooh sofa in the living room) but I will try to do that more this year.  Not necessarily before he sleeps, but anytime during the day.
  4. Start my gratitude journal.  I posted about Oprah’s story about having a gratitude journal to go back to when counting one’s blessings.  I have been meaning to  begin one but have never done it.  (Should I start a separate blog perhaps?)
  5. Getting more organized at home and at work.  I hope to accomplish this at home by fixing my part of the attic and making the space my workspace so that I can move much of my stuff lying around in the house proper up where it won’t be in anybody’s way. 
  6. Read MORE books this year than I did last year.  Part of the “Me” time I need to set aside — I have half a dozen books collecting dust in my bookshelf along with the rest of my small library.  I hope to read at least one book a month (pretty modest goal compared to Jayred who has set out a goal of one every two weeks (!)..)  I haven’t even read Harry Potter’s latest installment and I got it in its initial release middle of this year.. I am dying to read Frey’s A MILLION LITTLE PIECES but I promised myself I’m not buying any books until I get to read at least 3 that I’ve been meaning to sink my teeth into for the longest time: HARRY POTTER & THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE, MY LIFE (Bill Clinton), and BLINK. 

Let’s keep it simple for now and stick to that…wish me luck!