Why do Mondays have to be chaotic?

It’s eleven past five and I’m going to get ready to scoot out of here by 5:30 impunto.  I got here before 9AM after all.  It’s been a crazy day.  The boss is leaving for two business trips which means I don’t see him until week after next. 

Meanwhile, he kept me very busy today putting together the things he will be needing, and printers going bonkers on me didn’t help any.  (Forget that I’m currently networked to half a dozen printers..)

I’m making some Arroz a la Cubana tonight.  Have to stop by the neighborhood grocery to pick up some ground beef.  I couldn’t believe I ran out!!  I always have some in the freezer for the ever reliable spaghetti sauce I make, but last I checked, I had two packs of ground pork but no ground beef.. hmmmm.. not good.  It’s Alan’s favorite and one which my mother-in-law taught me herself. 

I already have the plantains (or saging na saba as we know it in Manila), the egg (although I have a good mind to pick up another dozen as Mom wants to try Nora Daza’s recipe for Leche Flan.  We’ll see..)  It really depends on how cold it is outside because I will need to get off two stops early to pick up the ground beef alone.  Maybe I’ll pick up some sashimi.. yummy!  (One of my favorite comfort foods from way back when..)

Oops, change of plan.. hubby and I are taking the express bus home together so I will pick up my stuff from the neighborhood deli next to his hotel.  We always cherish the time we spend sitting next to each other on the bus as our “couple time” so we try to grab those times we can actually be together for something as simple as a bus ride home.  It doesn’t matter that one of us might be too tired to stay awake during the trip — it’s enough that we’re there, shoulder to shoulder, holding hands through the bus ride.