Blog hopping

I’ve been busy here at work all day, so much so that it’s only now at 2:28 PM that I’m finally sitting down and trying to compose an entry here.  I spent a few minutes blog hopping and looking at some interesting sites.  I had meant to do this seriously but there is just not enough time to do it. 

I chanced upon Market Manila which the Market Man describes as “(his) way of helping two groups of people: new arrivals and interested locals who, like (him), had no clue where to find ingredients, what local produce existed, where to get specialty food items, etc.; and secondly, farmers, market vendors, retailers, who had the foresight to seek out the best the Philippines has to offer and take the risk of selling these to nutcases like (him)self.” 

I actually strayed into that site from Calm Before the Storm, a self confessed blogger addict who also writes from Manila.

I ended up in Jayred’s corner who stopped by sometime after I wrote and signed off the post below.  (She and I keep this online conversation going even if our posts don’t sync.)..   I do that with her, Lani and Anna, too — and occasionally see some others stopping by from time to time.

Bloghopping can be rather entertaining and refreshing more so when you’re reading about kababayans who are either in the Philippines or somewhere around the world.  It literally makes the world feel a whole lot smaller.