Falling Behind

I have several comments to post in my Feedback category but I’ve been rather slow to respond.  (I hope to get that done before the long weekend is done, though..)

I finally started reading again.. I’m around a quarter of the way through Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  Okay.. okay.. I thought I’d start light — and this is a quick read.  I actually want to keep at it but the book is rather heavy and I left it at home in favor of taking my laptop with me.  Next in line: Bill Clinton’s My Life. 

I made some embellishments for the scrapbooks during the week and I hope to put them on a layout.

Sometimes getting things done can be such a challenge even if I’m just staying at home.  There are just too many things to do like fold the laundry, repair odds and ends, cook meals, taking care of father and son — so much so that reading, crafts and blogging take a backseat to the more pressing duties of motherhood and married life.