Late Sunday night alone with Angel

Mom turned in almost an hour ago.  Alan flew to Belgium at a few minutes past 7PM.  (He doesn’t return from Paris until the 28th)  Angel stirred and I put him to sleep again. 

I just finished folding the small batch of laundry Alan did before leaving.  (Need to put them in the closet before I transfer Angel to our bed for the night.)  I managed to sort Angel’s bins of toys for the ones that need to be put away as he has outgrown their utility by more than 2 stages.  (Infant toys, mostly — we are keeping the balls, the blocks, the push toys, etc.. I just wanted to “re-assemble” his baby gyms and then put them away to give away when we go home this April.

My day tomorrow is pretty full as it is.  Mom requested me to wash her comforters so I figured I’d do ours, too. 

It snowed in the tri-state area last night and it has been terribly cold all day.  I hope it gets a little warmer tomorrow because I have a couple of trips to make to the laundryroom.  The weather forecast looks bleak but you’ll never know.

I had asked Alan to leave the stroller by the stairwell landing so I could take Angel and Mom out for a stroll if the weather turns out to be good next weekend.  I know that’s being overly optimistic, but he’s away 2 weeks and I don’t want to spend all of that here at home.

It’s a holiday for me tomorrow so that’s a plus, too.  Angel will definitely be happy.

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