Feedback Trail

Some long-delayed reactions to reactions received on previous posts..

From Lani on saging na saba or plantains:

Hello, D! Thanks sa info, ngayon ko lang nalaman na ang saging na saba ay iyong plantains (hehehe). Tagal ko nang nag-iisip kung anong klaseng saging ba ang plantains.

Tag kita (ok lang ba?). Kindly visit my blog for more info.

Take care!

Lani, I’ll deal with the tag later as you can see I’m way, way behind.  But about the plantains, another kind of banana more like the saging na saba we know in terms of size and shape is the cavendish.  I learned about this when they did a rather interesting commercial here on condoms. 

From Jayred on “Busy but not that Busy”:

Love this blog post. A light read but with profound elements thrown into it.

Jayred — a compliment that truly touches the writer-wannabe in me.  Thank you — what else can I say? =)

From Jher whose blog I hopped into in one of my wanderings on the web:

Hey pinay new yorker, thanks for hopping into my blog. Very interesting posts you have here. Will surely link ur blog to mine. Thanks again!

Jher, thanks for returning the favor and visiting my blog, too.  It’s always a pleasure to read blogs of our kababayans that are worth stopping by for.  Not too serious, not too juvenile.. just everyday stuff and musings like what I have here in my corner of the blogsphere.  Salamat ulit.

On Reading more as part of my New Year’s Resolutions

Jayred said:  Well, I used to read two to three novels a week in the ’90s. But alas, I’ve regressed. My bookworm-sister said to me last time that my English (oral and written) has extremely suffered ever since I migrated to Switzerland. 😦 That’s why I had to make this 2006 goal to read at least one book every two weeks. I would love to reread Amy Tan’s novels. Do you like her books?

You mentioned the gratitude journal. It’s a good idea. I wrote a blog entry titled “Happy List” (sort of a thank you list) months ago, and I was actually thinking of writing a T.Y. List on X-Pat Files at least every week. But I have yet to conceptualize it. Maybe you should start that gratitude journal (online or offline) now, Dinna! It’s a worthwhile blogging/writing activity.

I love crafts, but I don’t have the time and energy right now to embark on an ambitious scrapbook project. How’s your Paris scrapbook coming along?

I wish you all the best in your 2006 goals! God bless.

And from Lani: I started reading this self-help book entitled Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff with your Family by Richard Carlson. Nakakabawas ng kapraningan talaga 🙂

Learning to keep things in perspective and become less easily bothered will make make me more productive, patient and loving. My goal in life is to be a better person everyday.

Reading is something I’ve always felt passionate about from the time I started reading Nancy Drew novels to now when I try to widen my reading list to include various genres. 

Jayred, I actually got my inspiration to try to be more masipag with my reading when I read that Bill Clinton reads at least 5 books at any given time.  I used to stick to the rule that I would read one book straight from cover to cover before I started reading a new novel, but I found that it can be done and can be equally fulfilling to actually go through more than just one book during one’s spare time.  Alas I don’t have that much time to spare, so I’m doing my reading modestly, setting reasonable goals so that I can stick to it.

I actually started to read more when I got here, but motherhood (yes, it’s still my excuse.. !) just doesn’t leave me much time.  I’m trying to be nimble enough to balance the book on my chest and turn the pages and hold it with one hand as the other hand cradles a sleeping baby on the other.  The baby usually wins out but I’m confident I will eventually do it.

While I am familiar with Amy Tan and her works, I haven’t had the chance to dig into any of her books, but have great respect for her talent nonetheless.  I hope to read one of her more recent works eventually after I go through my reading list of books collecting dust at home.  Did you know that she sang with a band that Stephen King formed out of pure fun? 

Lani, I share your goal of trying to be a better person everyday.  I’m familiar with the book but have not read it.  (Again, perhaps after I read the books I need to read first.)  But I agree with it in principle.. as Alan usually reminds me, I have bigger fish to fry.  And when it comes to family, so many things take precedence over all others — and family is indeed very important to me.  Why else did I give up my career to start one of my own..?  My Mom is so frustrated that I have not pursued being a lawyer on this side of the world, but there is too much to sacrifice in dreaming that.  Right now I want to be a mother first — perhaps when Angel is all grown or a little older, I can think about investing time, money and effort to pursuing something very close to my heart.  Good luck with your own resolutions!

On Digital Scrapbooking

From Toni:  This is so cute!  Digital scrapbooking can get addicting! 🙂 Good luck!

And Lani says: wow, inggit ako sa iyo nakapagstart ka na ng digiscrapping. i wish i can start asap. it’s nice, d. cute ni baby.
 Toni, you are so right that scrapbooking (digital or the real thing) can be truly addicting.  I’m trying not to fall into the trap of creating a second scrapbook because this one took a big chunk of my afternoon.  It helps, too, that I’m pretty good with Powerpoint so it was a breeze putting it together.  But I have to credit you for inspiring me to give it a stab because I saw your digital scrapbook graphic the first time I bumped into your blog.
These days I find myself looking at everything as possible scraps for my real scrapbook.  (Imagine me examining one of the paper coasters at Outback and trying to figure out how I can use the border as photo edges.. LOL)  I’m actually considering creating pop up scrapbooks online to be housed on my domain which is suffering from neglect no thanks to the combined onslaught of scrapbooking and blogging on what little spare time I have.  But it’s a lot of fun indeed..
Lani, you just have to make time (something I think you have more of than me!).. but you have to get started.  Dali na, gawa na!

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