Windy New York

It’s gotten a tad warmer but it’s horribly windy outside and the rain, light as it may be, doesn’t help at all.  It’s the kind of wind and rain where an umbrella is totally useless.  I brought my digital camera but decided to go to work through the usual route, seeing that there was not enough exterior lighting to make outdoor shots work.  I could also imagine how Grand Central would look gloomy with the sky all gray.  (Photographing the sun streaking into Grand Central is a frame considering there is ample lighting to make the shot come alive without a flash.)

You can actually hear the wind hitting the window pane.  It’s supposed to be high noon but it looks as thought the sun has started to set.  We will hopefully get better weather in the coming days, but today is totally shot.

I am still rethinking whether or not I will go into Manhattan, but I just might to save myself the trouble of walking to the bus stop in Flushing to transfer to the bus.  I’d hate to be caught waiting in line for the transfer to the bus taking me to my part of Queens with strong rain and killer winds rendering an umbrella useless.  I just might opt for the super express (the bus that does only one pick up and heads straight for my part of Queens) two blocks away from Grand Central.  That way, I get off just a few blocks away from the house, sparing me the agony of being put at nature’s mercy in the midst of the homebound rush hour.

I haven’t really accomplished much today except to clean up one of my Yahoo accounts which receives a ton of newsletters from some postcard groups I am a member of.  (Yes, I am a postcard collector.. — among other things..)  I have been hoping to get some embellishments done because I managed to do some substantial work in 2 spreads for my Paris scrapbook.  Now if only I can find my cutter and the blade for my trimmer.  Instead I used my craft scissors (the one with the zigzag edge) and trimmed the mini photos of my first snapshots of Paris.  (More on my Paris Scrapbook updates from my Pinay Francophile blog.)

I am moving along with my Harry Potter, too, and I think I should be starting on a new novel by the weekend.  (I hope..)  I didn’t write any letters but I hope to start another letter to my 5-year old niece later.  (I just mailed one to her yesterday.) 

I still have a few decorations to put away, and I’m hoping I can sneak up to the attic once Angel is asleep.  He’s been pretty clingy of late.  I guess in a sense he figured out there’s only one person to bug these days because his Dad hasn’t been around.  It’s also more difficult to free myself from his embrace these days because he can now wrap his arms around my neck, or hold me by the shoulders.  Not that I mind, but I do have to go to work.

It’s been an odd winter.  Too much rain, if you ask me.  I would really prefer rain to snow — still, the long and short of it is that I can’t wait for summer to be here.