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I’ve been meaning to do a blog on other Pinoy blogs, but now I realize too many other bloggers are doing that, and it’s so time consuming.  (Entering my daily rants and raves here alone takes up so much time — I have to concede I don’t have the energy to undertake that ambitious project.)  However, I’ve taken to surfing for worthy blogs and lo and behold, after a series of clicks from this and that blog, I landed on, the unpretentious blog of a 17-year old who, as his tagline says, “has been blogging since he was 12”.  (Hmmm.. the kid beat me to blogging, but I’ve had an online presence since 1997.. that’s the reason why my UIN on ICQ is only 6 digits.)

I liked his blog because his grammar is correct, he spells right, he’s from UP (like me), he’s also an Atenean (like me) — but academic pedigree aside, Bikoy (I hope he doesn’t mind me calling him by his monicker,) is one intelligent young man who doesn’t indulge in text speak which can be very irritating to read when you’re not reading it from your cellphone.  And as I wrote as a comment to his post “Where are we situated in this order?” :

Your blog is a refreshing take on the Pinoy perspective on anything and everything under the sun. I must say I take my hat off to you not just because you write coherently but because you also show that there’s a thinker in there. I have been bloghopping and trying to find a young Pinoy writer’s blog to read, but have been very disappointed and frustrated with much of what I have seen. Hey, we try.. but you, Bikoy, are doing something you should keep at until there is nothing more to write about. Digicam or no digicam, just keep blabbing. You will find in time that all these things you write about and the fact that you bothered to write about them will help shape who you will become after you leave the shelter of school and make your mark in the world out there. Keep writing!

While I was tempted to answer his question and go back to my UP frame of mind of days of old, I was just so happy to find a young person’s blog worth putting in my blogroll.  I’m glad to make your acquaintance, Bikoy, and I hope to one day be able to say after watching some obra that I knew Bikoy way back when he was an upstart in UP studying film.

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  1. Hey Ms. Pinay New Yorker, thank you for introducing to us. Refreshing indeed. Hiya naman tuloy ako sa grammar ng blog ko. Hahahahah. And thank you for linking my blog to yours. Can’t wait for your new posts!


  2. Tintin

    hi pinay new yorker! i’ve just started blogging (thanks to friendster!) and while looking for some nice blogs, i stumbled on yours. i must say, i’ve been enjoying your blogs. like you, i’m a mom, too, and working at the same time. i have two kids, a boy (2 and a half years old) and a girl (3 months old). i really enjoy your posts on motherhood. i’m glad i chanced upon your blog. If you’re not too busy, maybe you can visit my friendster blog. 🙂 Here’s the link…


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