A Quiet Weekend

My DSL connection was going crazy on me all weekend, and between trying to connect, attending to Angel and trying to get some chores done, I didn’t get anything done on my blog.  I have a lot to make up for in the days to come because I did manage to put in some drafts which need working on.

I fished this photo out of my webpage which is in dire need of updating.  (I did upload one of my recent posts to the front page to keep it current..)  It’s one of my favorite shots taken in SoHo one late evening we were driving home from Atlantic City last year.  I just kept taking pictures and this was one lucky shot.

It was a fruitful weekend.  I cooked sukiyaki for lunch yesterday and got treated to mom’s adobo for dinner (and again tonight.)  I did our “colds” (laundry) and managed to do the hem of three new pairs of pants for the office.  (MAJOR accomplishment!)  I also managed to go through my closet and set aside what I could give away to Mom’s “foundation” in her hometown.  I think I managed to weed out 20% of my wardrobe — if not as much as 30%.  Alan keeps saying if you haven’t worn something for a year, it’s time to give it away.

I just wish I had another day to this weekend so I can do some crafts.  I wasn’t able to do anything with my scrapbooks although I had done some embellishments in the office during the week.  Maybe during the week.

I’m slowly taking stock of my pasalubongs as well.  I haven’t sent or given much to my youngest brother, Nikky, lately, so I’m trying to make up by putting away more to bring to him when I get home. 

They’ve forecasted rain and snow for New York tomorrow.  =(  I have to go to the office early because the boss is only in Monday and will be traveling all week again.  Besides, we haven’t seen each other for two weeks now, so I have to make the most of it.

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