Excited about going home to Manila again

I’ve decided to start a new category which I will pull up just before we fly to Manila middle of this year.  I thought it would be a good way to remember everything I wanted to do and maximize the three weeks I will be there.

The last time around, I failed to eat at Aristocrat (although I did eat in Max’s twice), didn’t get to eat at Dulcinea (hence I missed their classic cream puff, but I went to Hizon’s), failed to go to Baclaran (w/c I intend to do my first week there this time around and Mom and I will visit Baywalk and see this place that is all over our new movies).. spend a day in Divisoria shopping for textiles and notions.. see more relatives.. etc., etc.. hey, I’m supposed to do it over several posts so let me stop here..

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