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If you haven’t visited yet, do click on and read this young man’s rants and raves on the web.

From Victor (a.k.a. Bikoy):

hi Ms. Pinay New Yorker! I’m greatly flattered with your recognition. maraming salamat! 🙂 I hope you don’t mind if I link you back..

Victor, walang anuman.  I don’t normally make such a passionate endorsement, but I like your blog, so if I win the lotto, you’re getting that Digital SLR.  (Do we make it a digital Rebel?  I’ll get you one after I buy one for myself. LOL)  As I said, keep writing.. it helps keep the creative juices flowing.  I also like the fact that you’re linked to what seems to be a good pool of sensible blogs, so I’m bloghopping and let’s see who else get’s a mention here.  And it might be the academic bias.. went to Ateneo School of Law (so that’s the Ateneo part of me), and went to the College of Arts and Sciences in Manila before that — but that was all in a previous life.  Just to give you an idea, the student number is 83-xxxxx.  (Yes, I’m THAT old.)

From Jher:

Hey Ms. Pinay New Yorker, thank you for introducing to us. Refreshing indeed. Hiya naman tuloy ako sa grammar ng blog ko. Hahahahah. And thank you for linking my blog to yours. Can’t wait for your new posts!

Jher, you should be thankful you’re 10,000 miles away because I’d have given you a good beating for saying hiya ka sa grammar ng blog mo.  What are you talking about??!!  In the first place, I wouldn’t have bothered mentioning your blog the first time I did if I didn’t find it worth reading.  I just got carried away with Bikoy’s blog because it’s sooooo hard to find a sensible blog from someone so young.  With us oldies, it’s expected that our blogs be coherent — so stop it!



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