(Finally) Feedback on Snapping Away

Here goes my nth try at posting this Feedback trail on my photojournalistic attempts.. one more time!


From Jher (blog: Calm before the storm):

Hi Ms. Pinay NewYorker,

I wish I can do that here, just lugging the camera around snapping pics of the city. Well siguro I can do that to the ‘safer’ areas in the metro, the thing is that pretty interesting stuff can be found in the uncanniest of places. Sigh. Hey thanks again for mentioning my blog. I moved to a new url, just in case you are interested.

Jher — first of all, I’ve already edited the URL to your blog which is now part of my blogroll as you can see, and finally, it looks like my server is allowing me to cut and paste feedback so I am devoting this whole day to just responding to them.

As I had written, it’s not everyday that I get to bring the camera (it’s rather bulky) and I don’t always have the time to spare.  Since it’s winter here in New York, the sun has set by the time I leave the office at 5:30, and I rarely step out for lunch.  My weekends revolve around family time, so I don’t have the luxury to do that then, either.  I guess it would be a good thing to actually plan on doing this once a month, and maybe I’ll get a portfolio done — not for any professional gain but more for my personal use.  (Plus, I have some entrepreneurial slant on this particular assignment, but that’s top secret for now.)

There are so many things you can shoot in “safer” places back home.. one thing I intend to do when I come home end April is to do a photoproject on Jeepneys — in motion, wheezing down Ayala Avenue, at the stops in Crossing, San Juan and Cubao, in Quiapo, etc.  I want to take pictures of the various churches as well — and it’s for this reason that I’m seriously contemplating on bringing my laptop with me so I can download the pictures from my camera and burn it into a CD.

I would have wanted to shoot something in Divisoria, but I don’t want to risk life and limb for a few snapshots.  I don’t want to have the camera snatched from me, and neither do I want to risk being held up at knife point for this fancy accessory.  Maybe at Baywalk?  (I have promised Mom we will go to Baclaran our first Wednesday back and see the Baywalk we’ve seen in so many movies for ourselves and have barbecue there like the other folks.) 


 And from Jayred:

Snap away, Dinna! You sound happy and excited to have a photojournalistic assignment of sorts. 🙂 I’ll wait for your photos. (I’m loaded with lots of schoolwork right now. Can’t bloghop as much as I want to.)

 Jayred — I just paid your blog a visit and nagutom ako sa tinapay na kinunan mo.  Boy, talk about mouthwatering bread.. and to think I have adobo for lunch today.  (And it’s my Mom’s adobo so that’s a double yum!)  I was so excited indeed and as I told Jher in the reply above, I think I’ll do this once a month, and then go totally crazy snapping away in Manila.  It’s just one of those “me” things I want to do for myself.  I almost took the camera again but I didn’t have any plans of stepping out today.  Maybe tomorrow or sometime next week.  Besides, it’s awfully cold in New York today — people were scraping away frost from their windshields this morning.. brrrrrr… I just find it fulfilling to actually come up with something refreshing for the eyes — even if it’s only my eye.. LOL

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