Feedback: on Web Conversations

Tintin says:

hello again! thanks for responding 🙂 i’m new to blogging, so this is a lot of fun for me. i’ve been telling my hubby about you (he’s not into blogs and doesn’t get the concept of a blog…hehe), that i’ve been enjoying reading your posts. and i’ve checked out bikoy’s blog, too. he sure is a good writer. and maybe i have this UP bias also (my student no is 92-xxxxx), but i think people from UP talk more sense than people from other schools. hehe. In Ilonggo (I’m from Bacolod), we use the term “madalum,” which means deep. It’s nice to engage in these “madalum” conversations from time to time, don’t you think? 🙂

Says the “ancient” Pinay New Yorker: (Goodness, does that qualify me as a “relic” considering my student number is 83, Tintin’s is 92, and Bikoy’s, if I’m not wrong, is probably 03?!!)  Madalum is good, but conversations, be they light banter or profound discourses are always welcome.  They keep our brains active and helps add spice to life.  More so when you miss things back home like I do.  This has been a good way to “network” among kababayans who blog, and although I would love to discover more new blogs like Bikoy’s, Jher’s, Skeet’s, and my newest discovery, Don Quixote’s Eyes, or meet other fellow bloggers who stray into my corner of the web like Lani, Jayred, Anna and you, there are just not enough hours in the day to make that happen.. Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!

You will find that it is a rather uncanny way to meet people, but it helps to keep the ball rolling as far as conversations are concerned.  There is always something new to say.  Keep writing!

And from Skeet, whose blog I visited a few days ago:

Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Got here through your other blog thinking you might have a tagboard in this site where I can say my thanks. Anyway, good luck on that plan for your next read. Reading for me is quite therapeutic. 🙂

The Pinay New Yorker is sad because this blog server doesn’t provide a tag board.. =(  But hey, it’s a blog, and right now I have too much invested in it to move.  Maybe if I upgrade?  Nah.. I’m cheap.. happy with a freebie! LOL  Thanks for visiting, too, Skeet.. I will be popping in on your side of the blogsphere from time to time..

0 thoughts on “Feedback: on Web Conversations

  1. hello dinna!
    long time no dalaw from me..sorry, i was having server and pc problems, and sometimes even if i wanted to bloghop, i just couldn’t. anyway, ill be reading the rest of your entries…i have a lot of catching up to do! 😀


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