On My Reading List: BLINK by Malcolm Gladwell

I stayed up until almost 1AM last night reading about Dumbledore’s demise in the latest Harry Potter installment: HARRY POTTER & THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE.  I wasn’t able to finish the book but I just couldn’t put it down (although I did it before I left the house this morning).  That’s one book down, three weeks into 2006.  I feel like I grew older with the characters of the book — who, 5 books ago, were but little kids and now on it’s 6th installment, are falling in love and going through the more serious challenges of life.  It was entertaining reading and it keeps me in step with the rest of the world who read it last year — so on to the next book.

For some reason, I picked up BLINK by Malcolm Gladwell from my “Yet to be Read” pile on my bookshelf instead of Clinton’s MY LIFE.  I guess it might’ve been because it was a smaller book and I’m still priming myself for serious reading.  This is my first non-fiction reading this year although the last book I finished last year was Queen Noor’s LEAP OF FAITH: MEMOIRS OF AN UNEXPECTED LIFE.  I read the introductory chapter of BLINK and I must say it looks like it will be an interesting read.  Might even be a quick one judging from his style.  Moving on now..

One thought on “On My Reading List: BLINK by Malcolm Gladwell

  1. haaay, this reminds me of my list! i also made a promise to read more this year, i am sooo lazy! HP6 was a bit of a disppointmnet for me, but i just can’t wait to read the last book! question, do you really think dumbledore is dead?


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