[2] My Siopao List: Chow King, Chocfull O'Nuts, Hen Lin (not exactly in that order)

What is it about Siopao that is always a “must” for Alan and me?  For one thing, we grew up on the always yummy siopaos of Chocfull O’Nut in Virra Mall and Shoppesville in Greenhills, and their branch over at the Shangri-La Mall.  We do have something similar here in New York but it’s not quite the same.. like most everything else back in Manila.


0 thoughts on “[2] My Siopao List: Chow King, Chocfull O'Nuts, Hen Lin (not exactly in that order)

  1. Dear Pinay New Yorker,

    Don’t forget the siopao for the “masa” of Kowloon House and that from the historic Ma Mon Luk! (thinking about it made me hungry *tummy roars like Mufasa in “The Lion King”*). Anyway, thank you for your comment about my blog as quoted in Jher’s blog about our reason for blogging. Thanks! Read your blog where you posted the Nora Daza cookbood and it brought me back to the day when I was 8 years old where my mom gave me the same book for me to learn how to cook. My menu range has come a long way. Thanks for the blog! I will find time to read more of your blog and keep you company in stylish New York (even if, as Joey Albert sings, “…a million miles away from you…” hahahaha! Hey, I hope you link me too. Jher linked your blog on mine (as in I gave him my password so that he could tinker on my blogspot. yes, i’m a techie idiot). Cheers, my dear!


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