I’m trying to find a translation for the word Kutob.  The Tagalog-English Dictionary I found on foreignworld.com gives its English equivalent as “foreboding”.  Good enough. 

I’m on page 72 of Malcolm Gladwell’s BLINK, and the reason why I wanted to get the translation for kutob is because that is what the book is all about.  He tries to explain in very practical terms that this foreboding that we feel when we do something without explanation or irrationally is actually a result of an unconscious decision we make.  He tells us we should trust it more and try to maximize its use to help us improve our lives.  I’m getting there.  And how sometimes, the decisions we make in a snap are actually as well founded as those that we make with utmost deliberation.

I guess one of the better ways of illustrating this is how we sometimes feel ill-at-ease when we first meet a person.  Don’t you find it weird how sometimes, for no reason at all, you feel like you just don’t like this person?  Or how you just know something’s wrong with a picture without exactly knowing what?

It’s not that profound a subject matter and Gladwell writes succintly, but it’s definitely not your next read if you’re more inclined to read romance novels.  What I like about Gladwell is his illustrations are stories we can all relate to, and which give you that wow effect at the end when you realize that it was THAT simple.  Grab a copy if you can.. let’s read it together.

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