[3] Do my Novena at the Baclaran Church and visit Baywalk with Mom

Things I intend to do in Manila in April 2006

I have always been a devotee of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  I used to make it a point to go to the Redemptorist Church in Baclaran there every Wednesday even during those days when I was attending law school in HV Dela Costa Street in Makati back in the 90s.  My Mom, the original devotee in the family, had taken to bringing me along during her Wednesday devotion when I was younger, and she would hand me a novena so I could pray along.

I regret that I failed to visit in December 2002 when I went home last, but I will definitely go there my first Wednesday when I arrive for the my three week vacation.  I still pray the novena but have found it a challenge to pray it weekly.  I often end up “forgetting” until the next morning that I should’ve prayed.  I am on my third week now and will hopefully get to finish this.  (And yes, I know, I have to finish my cross stitch project of Our Lady of Perpetual Help soon.) 

I feel so truly blessed because every time I pray for any intention, even before the 9th week is here, I find myself switching to a novena of Thanksgiving because I get an answer to my prayers. 

My bestfriend Fe and I used to go there together whenever we could manage it and our devotion to Mama Mary is something we have in common.

I will never forget the overpowering emotion you cannot help but be swept away in when you hear the throng of people sing in one unified voice, and you see the sincerity in the face of the people who beseech our Mother for help.

I used to write my petitions long hand, but thanks to technology, the last time I did asking for a healthy baby, I did it via e-mail on the Redemptorist Website.  I have a very spirited Angel now to show for my prayers, and I will give thanks again in person when I go home with Mom.




Scrapbooking, a Haircut, Laundry, and a trip to the Dollar Store.. even got to shine my shoes!

It has been an action-packed weekend so far.  I’ve done some major progress in my Paris scrapbook, I got a much-needed (long delayed) haircut today, washed some new comforters I got, got some supplies, took a trip to the dollar store and I’m still awake at 1:13 AM as Alan is doing a marathon of the shows I taped for him.

I warned him I didn’t get to fix the room as I had hoped to although I did do two batches of laundry both weekends he was out.  Alan usually does the laundry when he’s here so it felt so “weird” doing it this time around.  Just goes to show I can do it if I have to.

Angel was so happy to see his Dad he was feeding him his cheerios as I watched, a little envious, but happy to see how father and son were just inseparable after two weeks being apart.

I got my goodies.. my macarrons from Laduree, my Duplo as requested, the Geneva Starbucks City Mug (although he failed to get me the Paris mug as requested =(… ) and some extra presents like a bottle of Burberry Brit Red which was such a sweet gesture on Alan’s part although those things no longer surprise me.  He handed me a whole bag of other goodies which I haven’t had the chance to go through, but I’m just glad he’s back here. 


Mom cleaned the stairwell and I fished out three pairs of loafers that I had “forgotten” I had.. blame it on the fact that shoes are a seasonal thing here == and since I hide them in the shoe rack when not in use, I didn’t see them until I went through the whole rack today as Mommy was cleaning it.  Thanks to my COCC days in high school at St. Paul QC, I can actually take care of the shoes given the right brush and the time — saved me a few dollars doing the three pairs myself.

Quite an action packed day indeed.. I look forward to just chilling with Alan on Sunday..