[3] Do my Novena at the Baclaran Church and visit Baywalk with Mom

Things I intend to do in Manila in April 2006

I have always been a devotee of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  I used to make it a point to go to the Redemptorist Church in Baclaran there every Wednesday even during those days when I was attending law school in HV Dela Costa Street in Makati back in the 90s.  My Mom, the original devotee in the family, had taken to bringing me along during her Wednesday devotion when I was younger, and she would hand me a novena so I could pray along.

I regret that I failed to visit in December 2002 when I went home last, but I will definitely go there my first Wednesday when I arrive for the my three week vacation.  I still pray the novena but have found it a challenge to pray it weekly.  I often end up “forgetting” until the next morning that I should’ve prayed.  I am on my third week now and will hopefully get to finish this.  (And yes, I know, I have to finish my cross stitch project of Our Lady of Perpetual Help soon.) 

I feel so truly blessed because every time I pray for any intention, even before the 9th week is here, I find myself switching to a novena of Thanksgiving because I get an answer to my prayers. 

My bestfriend Fe and I used to go there together whenever we could manage it and our devotion to Mama Mary is something we have in common.

I will never forget the overpowering emotion you cannot help but be swept away in when you hear the throng of people sing in one unified voice, and you see the sincerity in the face of the people who beseech our Mother for help.

I used to write my petitions long hand, but thanks to technology, the last time I did asking for a healthy baby, I did it via e-mail on the Redemptorist Website.  I have a very spirited Angel now to show for my prayers, and I will give thanks again in person when I go home with Mom.




0 thoughts on “[3] Do my Novena at the Baclaran Church and visit Baywalk with Mom

  1. You know what !? I am surfing around, and when I got there in your blog and read these about just only saying ” [3] Do my Novena at the Baclaran Church and visit Baywalk with Mom.” Just reminds me of the olden days when was still in the PHILIPPINES. I really also miss it going to Baclaran church. And after that mag-lalakad kami ng daddy ko sa tabing dagat at mag-aarkila ng bisikleta. Sa Roxas blvd.


  2. mrskaloush

    Im thankful I accidentally browse this website. To be honest with you I was also a devotee but I dont know mula ng nag asawa ako nawala na several times na ako nag attempt bumalik palagi me nangyayari at nakakalimutan ko. Marami na rin kasi akong frustrations in life law grad din ako but not yet a lawyer. Hoping din for a baby pero wala pa. Your message really hits me. Thanks for the holy spirit for letting me read your inspirational message. Godbless and more power!


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