Feedback on Baclaran

From Mrs. Ging:

You know what !? I am surfing around, and when I got there in your blog and read these about just only saying ” [3] Do my Novena at the Baclaran Church and visit Baywalk with Mom.” Just reminds me of the olden days when was still in the PHILIPPINES. I really also miss it going to Baclaran church. And after that mag-lalakad kami ng daddy ko sa tabing dagat at mag-aarkila ng bisikleta. Sa Roxas blvd.

Mrs. Ging, actually, naunahan mo lang ako.  I had put in my 3rd item to do when I go home to Manila without being able to post.  Weekends, you see, are always busy for me.  Plus the fact that my DSL connection is ever so fickle puts a dent on my “blogtime.”  (My dear hubby is ready to make the jump to another mode of connection soon.. can’t wait!)  See, I’m putting together a list of the things I want to do, places I want to visit, people I want to see when I go home to Manila in end April this year.  I have three weeks and like the last time I was there, I intend to make the most of it!  These are like little reminders to myself about the things I want to do so I can actually do them.  Thanks for visiting once again..

One thought on “Feedback on Baclaran

  1. Lucky you!!! You will have a chance to visit PHILIPPINES! For me still I can not. Because I still working for my greencard here so I don’t have a chance to visit yet not until I have my greencard…Good luck…………..


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