Feedback on "Kutob"..Hunch?

Tintin asks if Kutob isn’t actually “hunch”.. I agree.. it’s the same context — but I would frame “hunch” more in terms of a thought being more of a “guess” that can be explained.  A foreboding is more “ominous”.. I think I’m starting to muddle the whole concept here and to think I failed to open the book at all during the weekend.  (Got too busy!)

But either word (hunch or foreboding) would word, just that in the context of Gladwell’s BLINK, “foreboding” seems more apt.

One thought on “Feedback on "Kutob"..Hunch?

  1. Tintin

    Blink sounds interesting. I don’t know, though, if there is a copy available in our local National Book Store. There is only one NBS here in Bacolod and their collection is pretty anemic. 😦


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